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Aspacy Travel Company Class (A) provides you with a unique experience for your travel, by providing the best services and tourist offers at the best prices, and it includes internal and external tourism departments, a honeymoon, and book airline tickets in addition to the availability of all means of transportation. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy your trip with us. - Our company was established in 2009, and it is one of the most specialized companies in the field of tourism and travel, and our team consists of 15 employees with expertise and competencies, in addition to that we are in continuous development and increase in creativity, which makes us pioneers in many tourism fields. Our services are divided into 5 main topics: 1 - International airline tickets section Bsp. 2- Low cost airline tickets section. 3- Department of Hotels. 4 - Health insurance 5- Land transport to Lebanon. - Agents for all airlines that are issued on the Bsp system, and we offer the strongest commissions for all companies. 3 - We have reservation systems for all airlines. 4 - Agents for the Ebooking Center Hotel Reservations. 5- Agents for the best health insurance companies in the world. (Solidarity - Orient) 6 - We have a network of cars and vanes for transportation to Damascus and Beirut airport and its airport. Company vision: Permanent presence among the first, elite, and distinguished, through our constant keenness on non-compliance and imitation of others, as well as on the continuity of creativity and excellence in providing our tourism services Company Mission:   To serve our country and be proud of it, through permanent and distinguished excellence in the level of tourism services that we provide -   rate us : Pleasing God Almighty and observing his limits is the constitution and method of communion - Take full responsibility and not shirk it. Leadership, self-denial, and teamwork. Transparency and permanent self-accountability.  The goals of the company : . Proficiency and excellence in all the services that we provide - The constant eagerness to bring distinguished people and expertise to the team. Enhance the capabilities of the work team by studying continuously and benefiting from our existing experiences. Create a creative environment to get the best results without looking at the surrounding conditions.  To provide the highest level of service quality without looking at the material return behind it. Create future plans and work to achieve them in order to ensure continuity of creativity and create a spirit of competition and lasting optimism for the work team. The company's departments : Domestic Tourism Department Foreign Tourism Department Exhibition and conference section Hajj and Umrah Department Aviation section Tourism Transportation Department
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